Laurel Hedging

Laurel hedging (Prunus laurocerasus Rotundifolia) is a fast growing bush used widely as an evergreen hedge and valued for its dense growing habit. Glossy attractive foliage and tolerant of damp and shady positions. Laurel will reach a height of 4-5m but can easily be pruned to maintain a more formal shape. For a dense hedge plant at a distance of 1/2m centres.

Available in sizes up to 6ft (2m) so landscapers should have few problems in finding a size to suit a new hedge or as a replacement plant in an established hedge. In general container grown plants are a little quicker to establish than bare rooted, or root balled plants, however they can also be more expensive

Although not grown for its flowers the common Cherry Laurel does have them, fragrant and white in spring. Usually pruned away so we tend not to see them much. They are followed by small poisonous black berries in autumn. A few cultivars such as L.'etna' which is a smaller growing or 'compact cultivar' and 'Otto Luyken' another smaller growing plant

Growing Pruning Problems and Diseases

Laurel hedges are popular because they are tough, evergreen withstand dry conditions they are also fairly fast growing and provide a dense form of hedge useful as a screening plant. They also cope with being pruned fairly hard, they can be kept to 1-2m or left to 5m depending on need. Try pruning so that the hedge tapers in a little at the top, remember to remove all of the pruned material, including the leaves to prevent disease problems. Watch for aphids and powdery mildew

Laurel Hedges will grow in part shade to full sun and are easily pruned to make a nice formal tall hedge. Sold are bare rooted plants, root balled and as potted plants.



Container Growing

Laurel Hedging can be grown in a container, with some limitations. As it is fast growing it can quickly 'outgrow' a container, and although its growth will be a little restricted it will perform satisfactorily for a number of years. You will need to prune container grown plants to keep them at a reasonable size.

Laurel Hedging Problems

Yellow foliage

As with many plants the problem of yellow foliage on Laurel hedging is an indication that the plants are under stress. Some stress factors include

When to Prune Laurel Hedging

Laurel hedging is generally forgiving when it come to pruning, however it is best not to prune them in autumn in the UK. The pruning will encourage new growth and this is tender and susceptible to damage from cold and frosts. So spring to early summer is the best time to prune. Pruning in late summer will help keep plants at a smaller size.

Laurel Hedging Growth rate

This will depend on a number of factors including soil and aspect. Also pruning time can slow down growth rate, late summer will slow growth rate a little. As a guideline Laurel hedging will grow at a rate of around .5m (18 inches) a year, more in good conditions, less in poor conditions


Laurel hedging should be planted at around .5 - .7m (18 - 24 inches) if you wish to create a good dense tightly knit hedge.

Prunus laurocerasus rotundifolia is a tough evergreen hedge that will reach well over 4m and is easily pruned. Well suited to drier areas.

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