Hebe plants for sale

Hebe are a native plant of New Zealand and South America however many varieties for sale are well suited to the UK climate.

Hebe buxifolia, Hebe 'Red Edge' and Hebe Petra's Pink are all popular as a garden plants and are durable, long flowering and require little attention once established. Most popular species and varieties are grown for both the foliage and the flowers.

Container growing Hebes

The general statement that Hebes make great container plants is often bandied about, most likely by those who have never grown a hebe. Some hebes grow well in containers, others are faster and larger growing and will require a lot of maintenance and pruning, and we know they are easy to prune, but lots of pruning is a bit of chore, and can also leave the plant looking a little scrappy.

Hebe Varieties

if you are looking for hebes to grow as container plants look for some of the Hebe pimeleoides cultivars, Hebe 'Quicksilver' is a lovely low growing variety.

So what we are saying is, many hebes will grow well in containers, and many will not. Before buying, ask the question, how tall will it get and how wide will it spread, then you will know if it is suitable the container you have in mind.

Hebes can be kept in shape by light pruning in spring to take away any straggly shoots. For more information see our article on Pruning Hebe Plants.

Hebe plants are available for sale from the following growers

HEDGES DIRECT Ltd - Phone 01257 263873
Five Acres Nursery Dawbers Lane Euxton PR7 6EE
Huge range of beautiful hedging plants, bare root, cell grown, pot grown, or root balled. All the main hedging species in all sizes. Thousands of satisfied customers. Discounts on large orders. Min order value 20 & FREE DELIVERY on orders over 50. Advice by phone or email helpdesk@hedgesdirect.co.uk

Long Reach Ockham Surrey GU23 6PG - Tel: 01483-284769
An award winning plant nursery and one of the South's best kept secrets. We are set in heart of Surrey, and only 5 mins drive from RHS Wisley. Includes Hebe.

Carr House Nurseries - Horton Grange Seaton Burn Newcastle Upon Tyne NE13 6BU - Tel: 01661 824 631