Hebe Emerald Green

Hebe Emerald GreenA frost tolerant evergreen, Hebe Emerald Green is not only an excellent foliage plant but also attractive when flowering, although this is not very often.

A rounded small growing compact shrub this variety will reach around 50cm and form a nice globe shape.

Growing well in full sun, Hebe Emerald Green is best planted in a position where drainage is excellent, perhaps on a mound in wet soils.

Suited to growing in containers or in the garden border it can also be used as a low hedge along a pathway.

This is a Hebe that can be planted en masse to create a low border, or even used in raised round containers to create small green buns.

The really strong characteristic of Hebe Emerald Green is its very neat growth habit and good bright green foliage.

Hebe Emerald Green Care

This is a low care, compact Hebe with small foliage. It takes well to pruning although its natural growth habit is to form a tight dome, so pruning is minimal.