Fruit Trees

How to Buy Fruit Trees Online

With an incredible range of fruit trees available for sale online it is important to know when and how to buy them.

Fruit trees are either evergreen, or deciduous and although with deciduous fruit trees it is fairly obvious that the best and cheapest time to buy them is when they are in the dormant stage, from late autumn to late winter, with evergreen fruit trees the decision is still fairly easy.

Nearly all plants are best planted while the soil is still warm, fruit trees are no different. The reason for this is that when the soil is still warm root growth is promoted, so late spring is good, and late winter is also a good time.

Buying online.

Look for nurseries with a similar climate zone for the best chance of having trees settle in well. Fruit trees grown in a warmer climate and sold into our cool or climate will need to acclimatise. We run into the same problems with other trees grown in 'Sunnier Climates' and rushed straight onto the market in the UK, many do not survive.

It is possible to buy a huge range of Fruit Trees Online in the UK. Fruit trees and dwarf fruit trees (also espalier fruit trees) are popular in home gardens across the country. It is so easy to buy bare rooted Fruit Trees online including new varieties of plum trees suitable for container growing and espalier fruit trees.

So if you can find a huge range of, Dwarf Fruit Trees, Espalier and Standard Fruit Trees for sale from online nurseries in the UK when do you buy them?.

When to buy fruit trees

In general deciduous fruit trees are available for sale when dormant, from late autumn through winter as bare rooted plants. Evergreen trees are are available year round as potted plants, deciduous trees are also found for sale as potted trees in spring and summer, but probably cheaper in winter.

Fruit Trees for Sale by Type or variety