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Camellia plants are an all time favorite plant and are readily available for sale in the UK.

In fact you can buy them from Online and Mail Order Nurseries as well as garden centers Flowering early in the season some are regarded as winter flowering however many will flower through spring to early summer.

As far as garden plants go, Camellias are just one of the best, evergreen, easy to prune, great flowers and they are always popular.

In the UK Camellias can be grown in full sun, they can be used as feature plants, as background plants in the border and also as hedging plants.

The main issue in the UK is growing them in chalky soils, Camellias just do not handle the ph in these areas. However, just about everywhere you can grow these wonderful plants in containers if the soil is not suitable.

The best place to plant camellias in the UK is in full sun, although the wonderful white flowering varieties will keep their flowers in better shape with some protection.

Easy to grow and care for, evergreen, tough, require little pruning and can provide a good screen and of course camellias have wonderful flowers.

Camellias in the garden

Camellia Nurseries in the UK sell many species including Camellia sinensis, along with hundreds of different cultivars, readily available for sale online. Available as potted specimens in 5 ltr pots to 10 ltr pots, right through to larger advanced plants sold dug from the field.

Growing Camellias - Care pruning and planting

Camellias are relatively easy to grow. They are a plant that do best in a well drained humus rich soil.

Camellia sasanqua and Camellia Japonica are the two main types available although an interest in C. sinensis is increasing.

Both Camellia sasanqua and Camellia Japonica are native to India, China, Korea and Japan.

Camellia Care Basics

Camellias prefer a humus rich well drained but moist soil in a sunny to part shaded positions. Although not overly fussy a soil ph of 5.5 - 6.5 is best. Camellias can be fertilized with a specialist camellia slow release fertilizer in early spring.

Camellias prefer to grow in a slightly shaded position. Camellias prefer a slightly acid soil, so check the ph and adjust if necessary. Camellia Japonica is the most widely grown species in the UK and with so many hybrid varieties available including doudles, semi doubles and singles in all shades from white to deep red it is simple to find a camellia for any situation.

Camellias may be grown in large pots or containers.

Camellias require very little pruning, however they can be easily kept in shape if required. Camellias may be deadheaded to improve appearance if required.

When do Camellias Flower ?

Camellia flowering time will depend on the type you are growing as well as your climate. In general, Sasanqua camellias will flower from autumn through winter, flowers are mainly light coloured, white to pink.

After they are fading the Camellia Japonica takes over from winter to spring, or early summer depending a little on the climate.

So choose wisely and you can have camellias flowering any time from autumn to early summer.

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