Lavender Plants

Lavender Plant in FlowerLavender varieties are one of the most popular low growing evergreen plants and are widely used for mass planting in gardens. Grown both for the foliage and fragranceof the flowers as well as harvested, with so many cultivars now available for sale, the colours and flower forms are endless.

Spreading from a single plant it readily sends up numerous stems and this can be increased by judicious pruning.

Foliage turns from a nice grey when new to a greener colour and lasts well through winter.

The tall flower spikes are the floral attraction, highly perfumed and attractive to bees and birds alike. Flowers do differ according to cultivar but they are carried on a clean tall stem. Flowering time is late spring through to summer.

Plant Lavender in early spring once the frosts are over and the soil has commenced to warm up. Remember that English Lavender is a little tougher than some of the other varieties.

Popular species and cultivars

Lavender has over 30 species and hundreds of cultivars, species for the home garden include.

It is easier than ever to compare and buy lavender online French or Spanish (Lavandula stoechas) Lavender x intermedia (Dutch Lavender and of course the ever popular and hardy English (Lavandula.angustifolia) plants along w ith many cultivars can all be ordered online.

Lavender care.

Lavender requires a sunny position and a humus rich well drained soil. Origianally from the Mediteranean Lavander is a tough plant given plenty of sun.

Prune lavender after flowering, but leave enough foliage to help it survive.

Try cutting back by no more than 1/3. In areas where cold conditions cause die back wait until plants begin to re shoot before pruning. Prune plants when young to encourage strong dense growth. Full details on Pruning Lavender

Some of the best Lavender varieties include :

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