A dense flowering hedge Escallonia includes a number of species and cultivars worth considering for the garden

Flowering and evergreen, Escallonia such as Escallonia 'Donard Seedling' with its large glossy foliage and white or pink flowers in late spring to early summer makes a great hedging plant and works well in coastal situations.

Esacallonia are a fast growing hedging plants with attractive flowers in the spring, they generally need only a light prune to keep in shape, cut back after flowering for best results.

Escallonia Varieties include

Basic Care

An Escallonia hedge requires a sunny well drained position to grow well and plants are not that tolerant of frosts or chalky soils.

Rubra and Iveyi are two of the faster growing escallonias.

Escallonia macrantha hedging plants including 'apple blossom', 'rubra' and 'red dream' for sale online

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