Collarette dahlia

Collarette Dahlias

The flowers of Collarette Dahlias have rings of different colours, they have an outer row of true ray florets of one colour. The second shorter ray that form a ring or collar around the centre of the flower.

Like so many plants, hybridisation commenced in France, the Collarettes by Professor Gerard in Lyon. The name however is from the German 'Halskrausen' which means neck collar.

So a 'single' flower with a second, shorter row of petals, usually differing in colour to the outer row.

Often with brilliant colours Collarettes are grown in the same manner as other dahlias and include combinations of all the colors present in all of the dahlia species

So pictured above we have a modern Collarete, the typical 8 red out petal blushed with yellow, combined with lemon yellow inner petals it makes an outstanding display in the garden. Not all have contrasting petals, some for example are white on white, all do have the yellow centre.

Collarettes fall into dahlia classification Group 3.


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