fimbriated cactus dahlia

Cactus Dahlias

Coming in a number of forms Cactus Dahlias are usually divided up into main 2 groups, with a third being the addition of fimbriated ray florets. In general the the petals are 'spiked' in appearance a little like a cactus. The cactus types having narrower petals than the semi-cactus types.

The history of Cactus dahlias is a little blurred, said to originated from the cultivar Dahlia juarezii and was first hybridized in Utrecht, Holland. This itself is said to have originated from the species D. popenovii (syn. D. coccinea) originally from Mexico.

Cactus types fall into dahlia classification Group 8 (Cactus Dahlias) and Group 9 (Semi Cactus Dahlias)


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