Saxifraga poluniniana

Saxifraga poluniniana

One of the wonderful species from Nepal, Saxifraga poluniniana has tight green foliage and open bell shaped flowers that point upwards. Pink in bud and of opening but quickly fading to white.

This is a species that is easy in the right conditions, it does not take to hot direct sun and requires a well drained humus rich moist open soil.


We suggest growing either in a container where they will quickly spread to fill it, or in the rock garden in a position where they will receive morning sun and afternoon shade. The soil should not be allowed to dry out.

The Saxifrage Society is an international society promoting Saxifrage and related genus.

Saxifraga Species

Although with over 450 species it is a little difficult to narrow choices down to the '10 Best' some of the more popular species include :

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