Daphne pontica

Daphne pontica

An evergreen species, Daphne pontica is a charming plant with pale greenish lemon flowers usually in spring. The flowers are lightly scented and appear in pairs or clusters. These pairs of flowers give it the common name of the 'twin flowered daphne'.

The star shaped flowers with yellow centers may not be as loud as some of the pink flowering species. However a large specimen covered in the perfumed flowers is a wonderful addition to the garden.

The flowers contract nicely against the mid green glossy foliage and are folowed by small black berries. Overtime Daphne pontica will form a nice rounded bush to around 1m (3ft).

Excellent in the border or grown in a container and Daphne pontica will grow well in most of the UK.

Daphne pontica Care

Similar to most other species Daphne pontica grows well in a humus rich moist soil. In the UK it seems to survive well in full sun although hot afternoon sun can be a problem in some areas.

A well drained soil is essential as Daphne pontica does not like heavy water logged or clay soils. If you can maintain a moist cool root run then Daphne pontica seems happy and requires very little care.

Little to no pruning is required, remove any dead or broken wood to tidy up. Fertilize using a good well rotted compost in spring, some liquid seaweed fertilizer every few months and a general all purpose slow release fertilizer in spring.


Planting Out

Choose carefully where you want to plant Daphne pontica, as it does resent being transplanted.