A plant of many names Cercis canadensis, Eastern redbud or Forest Pansy is popular spring flowering shrub or small tree.

Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy'

A large shrub to small tree, Cercis canadensis come with the fascinating name 'Forest Pansy'. Large heart shaped foliage, red and attractive this is an excellent plant for the rear of the garden border or a shaded woodland garden.

The beauty of this plant is the foliage that seems to glow and in Autumn it really does have magnificent color. Forming multiple trunks in good conditions is can reach 10m in height, generally in cultivation it is smaller than this.

Give the plant a little space so that its wonderful arching habit can be a feature. Flowers form before the foliage, a nice crimson making the most on the bare wood. The foliage to follow is really a deep crimson turning a darker shade in the Autumn.

Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy' Care

A frost hardy plant, little pruning is required, although some gardeners to like to trim them back each year to keep them smaller. A humus rich moist soils essential, good drainage as well.

When planting out, staking is essential as Cercis are a little slow to fowl a good root system but the foliage is heavy. We like to water well for the first year with a liquid seaweed fertiliser which stimulates root growth. Mulch to maintain a cool root run.
This slowness to establish root systems also indicates that Cercis canandensis does not like to be transplanted and does not like to have its roots disturbed.

Major problems are few, however in deep shade the foliage will tend to green rather than the attractive red, flowering will be restricted in deep shade as well.

Other species

Cercis chinensis is called the 'Chinese redbud' and Cercis siliquastrum is known as known as Judas Tree. Cercis reniformis is also worth considering.

Cercis canadensis 'Forest Pansy' for sale in the UK

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