Thuja smaragd

Thuja occidentals smaragd is an excellent plant for a hedge, that will reach around 3m, is easy to grow and available for sale in a range of sizes. The growth rate is fairly slow taking around 10 years to reach 2m in height depending on conditions.

A natural tight conical shape with a light 'emerald green' foliage. Thuja smaragd also makes a good specimen, and with a spread (width) of around 1.2 - 1.4m it is a plant that is well suited to growing narrow spaces.

Spacing, planting growth rate and height for Thuja smaragd

Spaced evenly Thuja smaragd can be used to create a more formal avenue along a path or driveway. Plant in a well turned soil and water in well, be a little carful with adding fertilisers when planting as roots can suffer from burn, we prefer to dig in some well rotted compost and a little aged manure.

With a Growth rate of around 12 inches a year it can be regarded as a medium grower, however this will rate depend on location, soil, climate and other factors. You will also find that once plants reach around 5m in height the rate of growth drops of.

Mulch well help retain moisture during summer, but remember a well drained soil is essential, they do not like their roots sitting in water. Plant at 1m centres for a nice hedge.

Pruning Thuja smaragd

Pruning the central leader of Thuja occidentalis smaragd will help the plant fill out to form a thicker hedge as it will develop multiple leaders.

Thuja smaragd for sale in the UK

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