Cercis siliquastrum, 'Judas tree' or 'Love tree'

Cercis siliquastrumAnother wonderful spring flowering tree is Cercis siliquastrum, and it is famous, often known as the 'Judas Tree' or 'Love Tree'.

Historical significance aside, this is really a beautiful tree when in full flower, masses if cerise pink flowers on bare wood in spring on bare wood. (see picture right)

Slow growing and with the trademark heart shaped foliage of the Cercis family, the Judas Tree will put on a good show of buttery yellow foliage in Autumn as well as its spring spectacular.

Cercis siliquastrum Care

A frost hardy plant, Cercis siliquastrum will form multiple trunks other that removing dead or damaged wood little pruning is required, however some shaping can be carried out. Thus is a slow growing tree, however in time it will reach 10m in height. A humus rich moist soils essential, good drainage as well, a sunny warm position, with perhaps just a little afternoon shade..

Staking is essential as with all Cercis, as they are a little slow to form a strong root. Water well for the first year with a liquid seaweed fertiliser, as will all Cercis 'do not disturb'.


OtherCercis species

Cercis chinensis is called the 'Chinese redbud' and Cercis canadensis is known as known as the Forest Pansy. Cercis reniformis is also worth considering.

Cercis siliquastrum for sale in the UK

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