Roscoea are a winter dormant member of the ginger family that flower in the late spring. Species such as Roscoea tibetica grow well in moist soil in part shade. The beauty of these plants is that they flower late in the season.

Roscoea Varieties

Cultivars such as Roscoea purpurea 'Wisley Amethyst' and the yellow flowering Roscoea cautleyoides 'Kew Beauty' are available for sale from online nurseries.

Other species include the low growing Roscoea alpina, the purple flowering Roscoea auriculata, Roscoea cautleyoides which are usually a upright yellow flowering species.

Purple forms are available, Roscoea humeanea, Roscoea purpurea which ranges in color from dark purple, through to pink, yellow and white and Roscoea scillifolia.

Roscoea Care

All grow well in a moist well drained soil in part shade. They grow from tubers that need to be planted around 10 - 15 cm deep. In cooler areas full sun, but par shade is best. Protect from winter frosts by mulching as they go dormant.

Propagation is from seed sown in accord frame in as soon as it is collected. Division of tubers in spring is another method, as with many plants it is best to divide these plants when they are about to put on growth, rather than at the beginning of dormancy.

Pruning is only required to deadhead and tidy up, foliage should be left to die back as for many bulbs and rhizomes.

Roscoea plants for sale

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