Fritillaria graeca

Fritillaria graeca

Like many bulbs, Fritillaria graeca has two sub species, the 'Southern' species Fritillaria graeca ssp. graeca from Crete through Greece and the 'Northern' species Fritillaria graeca ssp. thessala from Greece though to Albiania and Bulgaria.

Large flowers for such a small plant, bell shaped brown and purple to mahogany. Reaching only 12 - 15cm, this is not the showiest frit, buy very attractive when planted in a small group.

Flower forms do vary greatly, some descriptions are of 'brown bells' striped with green, we believe this to be true for Fritillaria graeca var gucciardii. Others are more like our form green bells with flushes of mahogany. And of course we have the variations from region to region and with some identified sub species.

When purchasing, ask if the bulbs offered for sale are the same as those pictured, this is perhaps the only way to ensure you are buying what you want.

CareFritillaria graeca thessala

We find it hardy in a well drained position in the rock garden, equally suited to growing in containers.

Pictured we have what we believe are the two species, the two being Fritillaria graeca ssp. graeca (top), unfortunatley the flower is not fully open. Below is what we believe is Fritillaria graeca ssp. thessala.

Grown from seed, it is a little difficult sometimes to keep track of species that are so closely related, and similar in form.

And yes, we are more than open to correction on this identification.

Well suited to growing in the rock garden and equally at home in containers.

Propagation is from seed, or by division of established clumps every 3 - 4 years.