Oak Trees

If one tree symbolized the English landscape it would be the common oak tree, Quercus robur. These are long lived trees, prized for timber, the home of acorns (and squirrels). So for a large tree to dominate the landscape, or for parks and gardens the common Oak tree is it. However more varieties are available, many with uses in the garden.

With around 100 different species and cultivars Oak Trees are a diverse group with both deciduous and evergreen varieties. Only a few types are widely grown in the UK however that are used both as shade trees and timber trees they are also used as a source of cork Quercus suber.

The common English Oak is Quercus robur and this variety is found across Europe through to Asia. In the UK the English Oak is found widely in southern and central wooded areas as well as in parks and gardens.

In the UK Quercus Ilex is the most common evergreen variety, also known as the 'Holm Oak', widely used for screening and hedging. This is a tree that can also be used as an evergreen specimen tree.

The more upright Quercus palustris is the Pin Oak and sometimes called the Spanish Oak. It is from North America a broad but ptramidical crown and an excellent stret tree, although it can reach 20m (60ft) in height.

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