Topiary Plants - Wholesale Nurseries

For landscapers looking to create an individual and stylish look to any new project topiary is well worth considering. Wholesale growers offer a range of 'ready to plant' specimens in a range of shapes from traditional cones, spheres and spirals as well as pyramids and multi shaped standards.

Some growers can shape specific or custom topiary including animals, however these may well need to be commissioned well in advance.

Topiary is a fascinating garden art form using evergreen shrubs and trees to sculpture shapes that add impact to the garden. Wholesale Topiary Plant Nurseries sell a wide range of wholesale Topiary to landscapers, developers, local councils and garden centres




Topiary Plants are available for sale from the following Growers

Growers and importers of broadleaf trees and conifers, from transplants to full matures at 40ft tall and a full range of mature topiaries, for instant effect in garden or landscape.

Lashbrook Farmhouse, Talaton, Devon EX5 2RU
phone: 01404 850163
We are a specialist nursery in Devon growing mediterranean plants, tropical plants, and exotics such as palms, olive trees up to 80 years old, wisteria, and topiary. mail order or visit us wholesale enquires welcomed