Camellia plants - Wholesale Nurseries

Some of the most useful garden plants are the Camellias, and it is really only in recent years that they have made a resurgence in popularity in the UK. As wholesale growers will tell you, Camellias do not like limey soils, they need acidity, and this is where landscapers today are overcoming the 'bad rap' by preparing a little better wit soil and planting position.

Camellias are wonderful as hedging plants, excellent as flowering features in the garden and also a potted specimens, just don't use a concrete pot that releases lime.

The two species that are offered by wholesale growers are Camellia sasanqua and Camellia japonica. C. sasanqua is better suited to full sun and C.japonica is a great shade flowering plant. However in the UK both thrive in the sun in all but the warmest zones.

As for varieties, Camellias have been grown in the UK since the 1700s, literally 1000s of named cultivars are hidden away. Choose the flower form and colour that best suits your landscaping needs.


Popular Camellia varieties available from wholesale growers include.


Camellia varieties are available for sale from the following Wholesale Growers

Deep Pool Lane, Station Road, Chobham, Surrey, GU24 8AS
phone: 01276 857448
Includes: Prunus Accolade, Ama-no-gawa, Autumnalis, Autumnalis Rosea, Hillerii Spire, Kanzan, Pandora, Pissardii Nigra, Royal Burgundy, Shidare Sakura, Spring Glow, Tai Haku, Tibetica

Moor Lane Westfield Woking Surrey GU22 9RB UK
phone: 01483 722521 fax: 014 83 756915
Includes: alpines, conifers, camellias, heathers, hederas, acers, rhododendrons, pieris, bamboo, climbers, herbaceous plants, ferns, grasses, hedging, waterside plants, ground cover plants