Pyrus calleryana - Wholesale Nurseries

Low care and fast growing Pyrus calleryana varieties have been popular landscaping trees in the UK for many years.

Used as screening trees, specimens in parks and larger gardens as well as for avenue plantings Pyrus calleryana are now being used for pleaching. The flowers are attractive to bees and all varieties grow well in full sun to a few hours shade a day.

A number of upright varieties are available as are Pyrus calleryana with broader spreading crowns. All are amongst the first trees to flower in spring and first into leaf. They also hold foliage well into late autumn. So although they are deciduous, they are without foliage for a shorter period than most landscaping trees.

Pyrus calleryana varieties

Popular Pyrus calleryana varieties available from wholesale growers include.

A different however very useful Pyrus species is Pyrus salicifolia 'Pendula' - This is the 'Weeping Silver Pear', attractive pendulous foliage and a nice rounded habit. The foliage has a silvery underside and a softer green grey look. Reaching only 4m in height with a similar spread this is an excellent feature tree for smaller gardens. Attractive creamy white flowers followed by small inedible fruits.


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