Wholesale Bedding plants and Plug plants

Bedding plants are used widely for mass planting as well as for hanging baskets and containers. Wholesale Bedding plant suppliers provide growers and garden Centres with a wide range of plants including Patio and Hanging Basket plants.

Used widely by local councils and landscapers as well as being sold in garden centres and online , bedding plants and plugs cover a wide range of seasonal plants designed to provide colour at various times of the year.

Hardy annuals, biennials and half hardy plants go to make up,this long list if colorful plants. Although many can be grown from seed for convenience most are planted as seedlings (plugs). In commercial sales they are sold in large lots for mass planting for retail or home use they are offered as trays, ready for the garden.

Formal displays in public gardens are popular throughout the UK, however the home market using either formal or informal plantings is a major outlet.


Wholesale Bedding Plants are available for sale from the following specialist Growers

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