Advanced Trees- Wholesale Nurseries

A number of specilaist wholesale nurseries offer mature or semi mature trees to the landscaping industry. These large specimens have a number of advantages with larger and commercial projects.

The need to create an instant impact in a new design project can be easily obtained by using trees that give an 'established' look. Both deciduous and evergreen types are available, with the deciduous varieties being a little easier to transplant.

Evergreen specimen trees with good rootballs, properly prepared and transported have an excellent survival rate. Look for either container grown trees in varous sizes, or field grown trees that are dug to order.

Growers are now offering replacement programs for some container grown trees. Conditions regarding initial care will need to be met, however a promise of quality is reassuring.

Advanced or mature tree are available for sale from the following wholesale nurseries

Growers and importers of broadleaf trees and conifers, from transplants to full matures at 40ft tall and a full range of mature topiaries, for instant effect in garden or landscape.

BARCHAM TREES - 01353 720 950

P DAVIS NURSERIES - phone: 01483 722521 fax: 01483 756915
Moor Lane Westfield Woking Surrey GU22 9RB UK
Includes: alpines, conifers, camellias, heathers, hederas, acers, rhododendrons, pieris, bamboo, climbers, herbaceous plants, ferns, grasses, hedging, waterside plants, ground cover plants