Viburnum Plants

If you are looking for a shrub for all seasons then Viburnums may be the ones. A varied group of plants with a range of flower forms and foliage, they are generally hardy and grow well throughout the UK.

Maybe never the star of the show, but certainly never dismissed by gardeners in the know.

The hedging types are just plain useful and easy care, the 'Snowball Tree' or Viburnum opulus roseum, also known as the 'Guelder Rose' is stunning when in flower, as is Viburnum macrophalum, the 'Chinese SnowballTree'.

Great flowers in spring, good foliage through summer, many with excellent autumn color and then just so easy care in winter.

One of the real beauties of Viburnums is that they perfom best in cooler climates, so the UK is just the place for them.

Some make great feature plants, others excellent hedges. It is generally the smaller leafed types that are better hedges, and this includes many of the Viburnum tinus cultivars. Viburnum odoratissimum has large foliage and does not take as well to formal pruning.

Some species are evergreen, and some are deciduous, and some have very showy flowers, others are really grown for the foliage and as a screen.

Viburnum Varieties

Basic Viburnum Care

Although they grow well in cool climates, the flowering types do like a sunny position for best results. However Viburnum tinis, the one used for hedging, will grow in fairly deep shade.

Some Viburnums are highly perfumed such as viburnum x carlcephalum ( fragrant snowball ), some with attractive flowers such as viburnum plicatum roseace and others such as viburnum odoratissimum var awabuki, with foliage that sets them apart in the garden.

Being a generally hardy species, Viburnum thrive in full sun or part shade in a well mulched and well drained soil. Some varieties are great hedging plants! ( eg viburnum tinus) Buy Viburnum fronm specialist nurseries online in the UK.

Viburnum Plants for sale in the UK

Viburnum tinusHEDGES DIRECT Ltd - Phone 01257 263873
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THE GOBBETT NURSERYViburnum macrocephalum
Farlow, NR Kidderminster, Worcs, DY14 8TD
Includes: Viburnum burkwoodii, viburnum bodnatense dawn, viburnum davidii, viburnum opulus, viburnum plicatum and others.

Long Reach Ockham Surrey GU23 6PG - Tel 01483-284769
Set in heart of Surrey, and only 5 mins drive from RHS Wisley. Includes Viburnum burkwoodii, viburnum farrei, viburnum tinus, viburnum plicatum.

Bristol Rd West Harptree Somerset BS40 6HG - TEL: 01761 221370: FAX: 01761 221989Viburnum plicatum mariesii
Family nursery supplying hardy herbaceous stock, grasses and shrubs, plant sourcing service, garden design service Includes: Viburnum

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