A fascinating three petaled summer flowering bulb from Mexico, Tigridia have been grown in the UK for over 200 years. They come from higher altitudes and seem to adapt readily to our climate.

The well known Tigridia pavonia is commonly called the 'Jockey Cap Lily' and the colorful silky flowers do fit the description. The outer petals are usually white, yellow or red, the inner or throat being red flecked with yellow.

The flowers really are a briliant colour, so consider this when planting, they look great in a container and as mature bulbs will produce up to 8 flowers in a season a mixed planting will ensure a riot of colour.

Tigridia Care

In the UK full sun is essential and Tigridia will grow equally well in the ground or in containers. A humus rich moist but well drained soil is best. Good drainage in winter is essential.

Tigridia are generally sold in late winter to spring as dormant bulbs, ready for planting. Good sized bulbs will flower well in the first year. They also multiply well, with clumps doudling or tripling in size every year.

In poorly drained soil, either improve drainage by adding some coarse material, or mound up the garden bed to improve drainage.

Protect from frosts with a strategic covering of light mulch in winter.

You can also grow Tigridia from seed. You will needa cold frame or propagator.

Tigridia Varieties

Although Tigridia pavonia is the best known species a few others are well worth looking for.

and then we have Tigridia acesta, which is a butterfly, not a plant...

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