tiarella plantTiarella are a long flowering perennial well suited to a part shaded position. They make a great ground cover plant and with spikes of pale pink flowers from spring through to summer along with evergreen foliage they are a great alternative or substitute for Heuchera.

Lobed, maple like foliage, green with deep burgundy central markings is typical. Plants spread by undergound rhizomes or 'runners' so plant them where they will have room to move.

Tolerant of dry conditions a place beneath deciduous trees or close to the dripline of evergreen trees is ideal. Lots of cultivars that vary greatly in terms of foliage markings and flower color.

Tiarella are readily available for sale online in the UK.

Tiarella Care

Although Tiarella are vigourous they do not usually present a problem. They grow well in dry shade and will perform well for a number of years with little attention.

Tiarella Varieties

Here we are looking at the species as well as the named hybrids and cultivars.

Tiarella species include

T.cordifolia and T.wherryi.


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