Thunbergia alata

Thunbergia alata Black eyed Susan VineA stunning flowering vine with brilliant deep yellow five petaled flowers, with deep black eyes Thunbergia alata are commonly called 'Black Eyed Susans'. The flowers are not fragrant, however they make up for this with colour.

Grown mainly as an annual in the UK , Thunbergia alata will reward you with masses of showy flowers from early summer through to the first frosts. As soon as the frosts hit, the show is over.

From a group of tropical climbing plants Thunbergia alata is the the best known, but not the only species. The plant has much natural variation in flower colour, you will see seeds offered with flower colourd ranging from a pale lemon yellow, to yellow flushed with red and apricot.

Thunbergia alata (pictured right) is perhaps the most commonly grown species and although it requires protection from the cold it can successfully be grown in hanging baskets on patios and outdoors in containers in a sheltered position.

Thunbergia alata Care

In the past they have been regarded as a conservatory plant where they could be kept going almost all year round. Today they are used as annuals, planted out as soon as the frosts are over.

A sunny position in the garden, in a hanging basket, or in a container with a growing frame of some sort. They will need something to climb on, so a frame around 1 - 2 m tall will suit. In hanging baskets, let them climb up and them cascade down, you can always prune away any growth that is to long.

Best grown from seed planted in spring, keep moist and well fertilised and provide some support for the climbing habit and allow it to scramble up 1m or so.

Thubergia Varieties

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