Liriope Muscari

Liriope muscariThe versatile Liriope Muscari, or 'Turf Lily' are a group of useful evergreen clump forming perennial plants well suited to the UK garden. Low growing with strap like leaves Liriope Muscari is widely used as a border plant, also useful in clumps in the garden border.

Growing well in part shade Liriope Muscari will cope with full sun if in a moist position. They tolerate frost, coastal conditions and can be grown in containers. Also used in mass plantings, as a a ground cover plant around trees and as a no-traffic lawn substitute

Liriope Muscari Care

These are a fairly easy care plant, after winter foliage can begin to look little 'tired and scrappy', simply cut them back to the ground in early spring before new growth starts for a quick tidy up. This is also an excellent time to apply a little fertiliser, a general all purpose slow release fertiliser is OK, we like to give Liriope Muscari a few waterings with a liquid seaweed fertiliser at this time as well.

Propagation is easy by dividing larger clumps innerly spring, again water in divisions with a liquid seaweed fertiliser.

Liriope Muscari Spacing and height

In general Liriope muscari will grow to form a clump about 40cms across. Young plants can therfore be spaced at around 30 cm - 50cm if mass planting, depending on the time frame for a good coverage.

Depending on cultivar they will reach between 20 an 50cm in height. Most are clump forming although Liriope spicata does spread underground and needs to be contained.


Liriope Muscari Varieties

Cultivars available for sale include:

And of course we also have Liriope Muscari 'Variegata' , green and yellow foliage for a little variety

Liriope Muscari is available for sale from the following nurseries

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