Lilium duchartrei

One of the prettiest liliums you can find for sale (at least we think so), Lilium duchartrei is a lovely 'turk's cap' form with marbled white with purple flowers, recurved petals (sometimes with a lime green throat). A stem, around 60 - 80 cm tall will carry 10 - 12 lovely scented flowers that open in sequence from bottom to top of the flower stem.

Find a position where the bulb can be in shade and the flowers can reach up to the light and this fragrant lilium will thrive.

Lilium duchartrei care

Like most lilies, morning sun and afternoon shade is best for Lilium duchartrei, a humus rich well drained soil, keep moist, but not wet, during the growing season, Spring to Summer. A little liquid seaweed fertilizer in spring, and maybe a top dressing of well rotted compost and manure.

Bulbs will naturally multiply in the ground and form a clump over time. Remember that some Liliums have a 'stoloniferous habit', they send out runners, and new bulbs will appear some distance from the original planting, they seem to 'wander' around the garden, lilium duchartrei one of them.

Best left undisturbed and divided only every 4-5 years if requires, Lilium duchartrei seems to resent being moved, so once you have it growing, let it 'do its own thing'. Lilium duchartrei Can also be grown from seed.