Lilium FlowerOffered for sale from Autumn through winter, Lilium Bulbs or lilies are available in a number of cultivars or varieties as well as species.

Some are early flowering other late so lilium season can last a while if you buy the right selection

Buying Lilium Bulbs

When buying look for good firm bulbs early in the season, late season offerings may be cheap, however bulbs may not be as healthy.

Many growers will 'sell out' by a certain time, they put the leftover ones back in the ground as they know they should.

So really spring planting should be carried out by the end of May at the latest.

Lilium Varieties

Liliums generally flower from early summer to late summer. Different varieties will flower at different times. Over the years a classification system has developed to allow liliums to be grouped, the 9 groups are :

Where to buy Liliums

Online is wonderful, you will see more varieties and can compare prices. Look for specialist growers for some wonderful selections.

Plant Fairs are also great, here you can talk to to the growers in many instances and get a little first hand advice on what is best planted where in your area.

Retail Nurseries and Garden centres, not always the widest selection however some real bargains if you know what you are looking for. One problem with buying bulbs from some retail outlets is storage, they tend not to be to fussy about light and temperature.

After purchase

One you have received your bulbs you should plant them immediately if that is not possible store them in a cool dark spot. So if you are in a colder region, and are in the grip of a freeze, you may need to store them.

How much do bulbs cost ?

It depends on the variety, you can mixed pack of 10 plants for 5, even cheaper in spring. Named varieties are more expensive and can be 5 each. As for the species, this will depend on how rare they are.

Lilium bulbs will flower early to mid summer depending on species and growing conditions. We are generally looking at three types of lilies in this section, species liliums, Asiatic Lilies and Oriental lilies.

The species are the originals, many with specific forms and colorings, Asiatics and Orientals are the large flowering hybrids we see widely sold as cut flowers. With all types bulbs need to be planted in autumn to early spring once the soil has warmed up.

Liliums are a widely grown bulb in the UK with species such as white flowering Lilium Longifolium and Lilium Candidum being very popular and hardy.

Lilium longifoliumLilium longifolium

The Lilium Flower


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