Arisaema Plants and Species

ArisaemaWe have grown many Arisaema varieties over the past 10 years, they are a woodland plant grown for their fascinating flowers.

A number of species are available for sale in the UK, usually as dormant bulbs, unless you find them at some of the wonderful plant fairs across the country in spring.

However some species are a little more garden worthy than others, especially the ones that also have great foliage. Many species have forms with silver centered leaves, (see picture right) an added attraction to these wonderful plants.

Arisaema are referred to as jack in pulpit. Plants and Bulbs are available to buy during the winter months.

Increasingly popular in Britain, following huge success in both Europe and the USA where American growers are having a 'love affair' with these interesting and unusual species of plants.

Arisaema flowers are best described as either 'very pretty' (Arisaema candidissimum) or 'very interesting' (just about the rest of them). They make a great woodland plant and can be successfully grown in pots (just use large deep pots).

arisaema bulbArisaema Bulbs

The bulbs of Arisaema once mature are round and flatish, a little like a half sphere. The new shoots as well as the root system appear from the top (flat part) of the bulb itself. (see picture right)

Most species will produce offsets, some more easily than others. These first appear as bulges on the bulbs and will in a few years to become large enough so that they seperate from the main bulb itself.

Arisaema bulbs are best planted at around 20cm deep, you will find that if planted any shallower, they will eventually 'pull themselves' deeper.

Bulbs are sold from January to April in the UK, prices will vary depending on species and size of the bulb

Plant Profile and Growing Notes

Arisaema are a woodland plant and as such prefer a cool semi-shaded position and moderatly rich soil. Many species grow well in the UK and may be left undisturbed for several years, mulch lightly with a good well rotted compost late in winter. Refrain from watering during winter, but water well once a week spring through summer. To help growth top dress in late winter with a complete fertilizer.

Where to grow Arisaema

Generally arisaema grow best in semi shade or dappled shade. If you are looking for a species to grow in a sunny position, try looking for A. Candidissimum, great flowers and great foliage.

Care and growing hints .

A well drained soil rich in humus is best. Bulbs or tubers can be planted quite deeply, up to 12 inches. Drainage is important, bulbs can rot during winter if they become water logged. Arisaema die back during winter, watch out for frosts in spring when new shoots are appearing.


Propagation is from seed or by division. We suggest dividing in late winter rather than early winter, it seems that disturbing arisaema before winter may be one of the factors that causes the bulbs to rot.

As nearly all arisaema species are dioecious, which means that any plant will only have male or female flowers for seed to set you will need more thane plant. However propagation by division of offsets is easy.

You can buy arisaema bulbs from the following nurseries

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