Arisaema sikokianumArisaema sikokianum

The most fascinating cobra lily of all.

One of the more dramatic of the genus, Arisaema sikokianum is sometimes called the Shikoku cobra lily. It is actually an easy care bulb once established, however it can be tricky to propagate. The name comes from its natural habitat, Shikoku, which is the small island where it was originally found and this species is regarded as extinct in its native habitat.

With large foliage and great flowers rising above the new foliage, reaching around 3ft (1m) the divided foliage is attractive but it is the hooded flower of Arisaema sikokianum with its shining white spadix that appears in spring that is a real 'show stopper'.

Why is Arisaema sikokianum so rare in cultivation? Well they can be a little difficult to germinate from seed. Plants will set offsets and will eventually form a clump that can be divided, we suggest dividing in late winter, just before spring growth commences,

Arisaema sikokianum Care

With one of the more dramatic flowers of all the Arisaemas. Native to Japan this species has a deep purple spathe with a contrasting white spadix (see picture right). These lovely flowering plants can be grown from bulbs or seeds, propagation by dividing offsets is very easy.

Planting instructions

Preferring a true woodland situation, Arisaema sikokianum really does like dappled shade. A humus rich well drained soil is best. They can successfully be grown in a deep container, these bulbs do like to pull theme selves down, so plant fairly deep 3 - 4 times the height of the bulb.

Growing hints.

Like most Arisaema this one prefers a well drained soil rich in humus. Fertilize with a seaweed based liquid fertilizer during the growing season.

Yes you can grow them from seed, the seeds can be slow to germinate and it could take up to 4 years to grow a flowering size plant. Plants propagated by offsets will be true to the parent, from seed some variation may occur.

For those who are impatient, flowering size A. sikokianum bulbs may be purchased by mail order.

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