Hyacinths are a widely grown, fragrant spring flowering bulb. Popular for growing both in the garden and indoors.

Although hyacinths grow well in the garden in the UK they are also one of the most popular bulbs for growing in pots, indoors and for forcing as is evident by the potted hyacinths available for sale each Christmas.

Growing Hyacinths

If growing in pots ensure that Hyacinths have excellent drainage, bulbs can be planted in groups of 4 or more for a great display. Give bulbs a little space by planting about 5cm apart, enough to grow, but not so much as to make the pot look empty or sparse.

Colours and Varieties for Sale

Hyacinth colours range from pure white through yellow, blues, purples, pinks and reds, so mass plant one colour or mix and match according to your own preferences. One of the new releases is the very dark Hyacinth 'Midnight Mystique'.

Bulbs are available for sale from online nurseries and are easy to grow in the garden or in pots.

For best results hyacinth bulbs should be lifted after flowering and stored in a cool dry place for the next season. Hyacinth bulbs can be 'forced' to flower out of season if required.

Hyacinth Bulbs are available for sale from the following nurseries

BROADLEIGH GARDENS - Phone: 01823 286231 Fax:01823 323646
Bishops Hull Taunton TA4 1AE
Includes: Hyacinth blue jacket, Hyacinth carnegie, Hyacinth delft blue, Hyacinth city of harlem.

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