Winter Flowering Pieris japonica

Winter Flowering Plants for the UK Garden

Winter may seem a quiet time in the garden; however, with the right choice of winter flowering plants you can have blooms, even during the cold UK winter.

Although bulbs such as Galanthus or 'Snow Drops' live up the name, and will flower through snow, a number of shrubs and perennials are also worth considering. The aptly named 'Wintersweet' or Chimonanthus praecox is one, the Mahonias and Hellebores are others.

Flowers that bloom in winter months can be planted close to paths and entries, or in pots. Flowers in winter are within the reach of gardeners, even in very cold areas, many plants will flower late in the season. Pieris japonica (pictured right is a favourite)

Where to Plant Winter Flowers

We tend not to get into the garden as much in winter, so flowering plants need to be placed where they can be seen and appreciated. Great flowers or colourful foliage tucked away in a part of the garden you do not visit can be wasted.

Plan carefully where to plant those precious blooms. Many of these plants can be grown in tubs or containers where they can be positioned to best advantage. Many cope well with rain, wind and snow, provided they have some protection from the harshest periods.



Shrubs for winter flowers

Winter flowering bulbs

Ground Covers for winter flowers

Look at your climate zone to determine which plants will suit you best. Check with your local nursery for details of flowering plants suitable for your area.

John Allman

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