With many varieties available for sale, Cyclamen are a much larger group of plants than many gardeners would think.

We do see the varieties known as 'florists cyclamen', often grown as indoor plants and widely sold as gifts. However their is a lot more to cyclamen species than this.

Even the well known Cyclamen hederfolium (see picture right) comes in many different leaf forms including a silver leaf form.

The flowers of many species are colourful and attractive, held high above the foliage in tones from white and pink to deep red, however the foliage of a number of varieties is also outstanding.

A hardy plant well suited to growing in the garden border as well as in containers. Originally from Mediterranean climates species such as C. Coum and C.Hederfolium grow well in the UK, and with species that flower in Autumn as well as in Spring they add color and life to any garden border or as a potted specimen.

Cyclamen Varieties

In the UK some varieties are better (hardier) in the garden than other. Some will fower in autumn, others in spring. Indoors you can grow most varieties, in the garden look for the proven types.


Care and Growing conditions

Tending to prefer a well drained position in dappled shade, plant tubers near or on the surface. Cyclamen hederfolium is popular in the UK with hederfolium flowering earlier than cyclamen coum and having nice marbled foliage, C. hederfolium album is the white flowering version. More details on care

Cyclamen Bulbs or Corms are available readily available for sale

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