Not many nurseries grow a good range of Hepaticas, and this is a pity as in early spring they do put on a wonderful display of flowers.

A number of species are garden worthy, including Hepatica Nobilus, Hepatica transsilvanica, Hepatica japonica and Hepatica yamatutai, all grow naturally in shaded areas such as deciduous forests.

In Japan they are very popular and have been widely hybridised, flower colors vary from white to blue and pink, flower forms also vary, including doubles, semi doubles and singles.

Although they are evergreen in warmer climates they do require a little protection in the colder areas of the UK.

They prefer a well drained situation and mulch in autumn will be of benefit. All hepatica species require a cool root run so ensure this and you will have happy hepaticas. Hepaticas can be grown in the garden or in pots or containers and are readily available for sale from Online Plant Nurseries and Mail Order Nurseries.

Hepatica Care

Try growing hepaticas in the garden in an environment that would mimic the natural growing habit, deciduous trees provide the shade required, are a natural form of mulch and the root systems of large trees usually means good drainage.

Hepatica Varieties

Hepatica flowers range from white through to mauve and pink depending on species. Some species are hardier than others.

Hepatica seeds and plants are available for sale from the following nurseries

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