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Albuca Bulbs or plants are a genus of approx 50 species belonging to the hyacinthaceae subfamily ornithogaloideae. Albuca shawii and Albuca humilis are popular forms easily found for sale. Albuca grow from bulbs, and have a dormancy period after flowering. Albuca are generally easy to grow as long as they are kept fairly dry when dormant.

Growing Information for Albuca in the UK

Some Albuca are summer growing and some are winter growing, generally water when growing and keep dry when dormant.

Albuca spiralis (picture right) is an interesting species using the tendrils to support itself above surrounding plants.

Where to grow Albuca

Albuca are a relatively easy to care for plant, they like a sunny position in a humus rich well drained soil, many species such as albuca spiralis do well in the rock garden and can easily be grown in pots or containers.

Albuca care and growing hints.
The trick with growing Albuca species is to understand that some are winter growing, while some are summer growing. In the UK the summer growing species are generally easier.

Popular Albuca species include:

Albuca spiralis, Albuca nelsonii, Albuca humilis, Albuca altisima, Albuca canadensis, Albuca shawii, Albuca altisima, Albuca maxima, Albuca rupestris and Albuca batteniana.

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