Galtonia candicans


Although Galtonia Candicans (pictures right) is perhaps the most popular species of this group of summer flowering perennial bulbs grown in the UK, some other species are of interest as well.

Galtonia are originally from South Africa and do require a well drained sunny position to thrive.

Recently Galtonia have been renamed to Ornithogalum so remember that we have ornithogalum candicans (syn. galtonia candicans) they are the same.....

Galtonia viridiflora with its pale green waxy flowers is well worth a spot in the sunny border as is Galtonia regalis.

Growing Galtonia candicans

The popular G candicans is one of the easier species to grow, lovely fragrant white flowers in early summer are long lasting. This is a tall plant reaching around 1m. Like all galtonia a well drained position is essential as these bulbs are used to a dry winter and wet summer. Sun is also essential if you want the best flowers, in fact galtonia may refuse to flower in a shaded position. Foliage is a light to mid green and should be left until it has died back in winter.

Plant in the border remembering that they are tall, clumps of 6-10 bulbs are a good start as the massed display of large white flowers can be impressive. You can also grow G candicans in large pots. Snails and slugs can be a problem so take the usual precautions.

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