Hosta PlantGreat foliage plants, and hostas are wonderful grown both in containers and in the garden border. The hosta is a shade loving garden plant grown for their attractive leaves.

With over 50 species and literally 100s of cultivars available for sale they provide great opportunities for the landscape gardener to add texture and color to the shade garden. We include a few pictures to whet your appetite.

The main attraction is the texture and fantastic pattern of the foliage, from deep blue green heavily textured plants to finer lime green leaves with white or golden variegation, see picture right. Although they do flower as well, an added interest. Hosta ventricosa is the 'blue plantain lily'.

Hosta Varieties

Hosta 'Sum and Substance' is a large variety and Princess Wu is even bigger, so if you are looking for large leaves these two are worth seeking.

Some have gold or white edges while others are green with splashes of yellow inside or the reverse. Flowers are attractive and perfumed and range from white through to purple depending on species and cultivars.

Hosta Plant 'marginata'When planting hostas choose a position which gets plenty of shade, especially in the afternoon, ours grow where they get some morning sun but this goes quickly and they are in dappled to fairly deep shade in the afternoon.

With spectacular foliage Hosta 'marginata' (picture right) is a variety that makes a real statement in the garden or grown in a pot or container.

Growing Notes and Care

Once you have chosen the position dig the area over well adding some well rotted compost and aged animal manure, as always we like to prepare the area and then leave it for 2 -3 weeks to let any heat go out of what we have added.

Hostas, Slugs and Snails

Hosta PlantSnails and slugs seem to love Hosta leaves more than any other plant in the garden. Here are a few tricks to keep slugs and snails away from Host leaves

Hosta with Variegated FoliageHosta care is not really difficult, in winter they will go dormant, a good tome to clean up and remove any pests that have escaped your traps. Hostas can be divided early in late winter to early spring, clumps are best divided every 3-4 years to promote excellent growth.

Can you grow hostas from seed, yes but seed from hybrids will not come true, but worth a go, you never know what you might produce.

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