Hosta plantaginea - Fragrant Hosta

Hosta plantaginea the Fragrant Hosta

If you are looking for a fragrant hosta then here we have it Hosta plantaginea including the double flowering cultivar 'aphrodite'. One of the older species in cultivation in the UK it does seem to have come back into vogue again. Perhaps its the desire for fragrance.

Hosta plantaginea is more upright than many other species and with large white perfumed flowers.

The flowers appear on tall stems up to 700cm in height, This is the largest flower on the hosta family reaching 15cm under good conditions.

Best planted near a path or walkway where you can appreciate the perfume which is stronger late in the day.

Hosta plantaginea care

The species is originally from Southern China, and it does like warm humus rich soil. We feel that this species appreciates a little more sun than others, so morning sun and afternoon dappled shade, or even afternnoon sun in most UK summers.

We suggest digging in lots of well rotted compost and even some reconstituted coir peat. Remember that Hosta plantaginea do require more sun than others to flower properly, however very hot afternoon sun would be a problem.

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