Solomon's Seal

Solomon's SealNearly every gardener knows Solomon's Seal, however Polygonatum multiflorum and Polygonatum x hybridum, the plants that are widely offered for sale is just two of a number of garden worthy varieties.

Polygonatum or 'Solomon's Seal' is from a large group of plants with polygonatum multiflorum, biflorum and odoratum being the most widely grown in the garden.

Common varieties are readily available for sale from online nurseries. The low growing species P. hookeri with its pretty pink flowers, and P. graminifolium are worth looking for.

A popular woodland plant much loved for the drooping white flowers help on long bracts in spring. A humus rich moist soil, or a woodland situation seems to suit most species.

Polygonatum multiflorum is probably the most widely known of the 'Solomens Seal' and will generally reach around 70cm to almost 1m. The glossy foliage lasts well until autumn but it is the drooping white flowers that hang gracefully below the long stems that are the main attraction in spring.

How to Grow Solomon's Seal

A plant that has been grown in the UK for centuries, the common types of olomon's Seal are easy to grow.

If you have a cool shady position and a humus rich soil it will thrive. In fact it even thrives in poorer type soils.

Dividing Solomon' Seal

Simply dig up the rhizomes in spring and look for the new buds that will be be pushing out. Divide into sections with 2 - 3 buds on each section and then replant.

Solomon's Seal Varieties

Polygonatum x hybridumA few other species of note include the interesting :

Polygonatum varieties or Solomon's Seal is available for sale from the following nurseries

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