Polygonatum kingianum

An unusual and rare Solomon's Seal, Polygonatum kingianum not only has different coloured flowers, but also a different growth habit to its more familiar relatives.

Upright and with red flowers tipped with a yellow/green, these are tall plants to 1m and more in height. Whorls of foliage above hanging flowers. Berries follow the flowers in summer.

An orange flowering form is also available, although difficult to find. A yellow, or greeny yellow form is also available.

Polygonatum kingianum Care

Similar to the species, dappled shade, or at least protection from afternoon sun. A humus rich moist but well drained soil is best. Look for a frost free position for this one. Top dress with well rotted compost when dormant. A little liquid seaweed fertiliser in spring is beneficial. Pruning is not required.


Division of established clumps is easiest . From seed planted fresh.



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John Allman