Dicentra are a fascinating group of plants, with attractive flowers and foliage.

The flowers resemble the shape of a heart, and Dicenta spectabilis with its red flowers earns its name. The species require a cool position and a humus rich, moist but well drained soil. The white flowered cultivar 'alba' is another great dicentra.

D. eximia is a clump forming perennial also known as 'Fringed or Wild Bleeding Heart' D. scandens or 'Yellow bleeding heart vine' is a climbing perennial. A number of varieties are available for sale in the UK.

Species such as D. spectabilis (bleeding heart dicentra) are generally a hardy shade loving perennial that require a moist humus rich soil. They have attractive fern like foliage, we find dappled shade beneath deciduous trees works well. D. formosa 'Bacchanal' is worth looking for.

How to Grow Dicenta

Dicentra prefer a moist position, lots of well rotted compost or leaf mould, a semi shaded position is best. Keep the plants moist at all times and protect from snails.

We grow ours in the shade garden as well as in glazed terra cotta pots in a mixture of potting mix with water saving granules and well rotted cow manure. When the they die down we place the pots in a shady cool place until the next season, and make sure they don't dry out.

Where to grow Dicentra

They can look great in the garden, however a mature plants can look spectacular in a pot or container. D. scandens, the climbing species does well on a trellis or even climbing up though a shrub.

Care pruning and growing hints.

Dying back in winter to reappear in late spring. In the garden they require little care, top dress with well rotted compost or manure in late winter. In pots fertilize with a liquid seaweed fertilizer in early spring.

Divide plants every 3-4 years.

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