Dicentra spectabilis or 'Bleeding Heart'

Dicentra spectabilis (Bleeding Heart)

The best known of this woodland species and most widely grown of all, is Dicentra spectabils, the Bleeding Heart Dicentra.

With its wonderful ferny foliage and the red and white heart shaped flowers that form on long arching stems in spring to summer.

It is a standout plant in the garden as well as a wonderful specimen when grown in a pot or container.

The blue green foliage is heavily dissected and are a useful addition to the garden alone. These plants are clump forming and will reach nearly 1m in height with a similar spread.

Available as potted plants from nurseries and garden centers in spring and are bare rooted plants by mail order when dormant in winter, well worth a place inn the garden.

Dicentra spectabils Care

Like all Dicentra, the 'Bleeding Heart' prefers a moist position, and although the mantra is that this is a shade plant, it is not for really deep shade. For good flowering dappled shade with some morning sun, or a little late afternoon sun seems to work best.

The plants will die right back in winter and this one the time to divide established clumps. As for soil, a humus rich moist soil is essential. Dig in some well rotted compost, or perhaps some coir peat. However drainage is also important to prevent rot.

Fertilize by top dressing with compost in winter, water during the growing season with a liquid seaweed fertilizer for excellent results.

Dicentra spectabils Propagation

From seed or by division of established clumps. Division is successful in spring just after flowering as well as in late winter. If dividing in late winter it may be best to 'pot up' and keep divisions in a greenhouse until new growth begins.

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