Cyathea dealbata 'Silver Tree Fern'

Native to New Zealand Cyathea dealbata or 'Silver Tree Fern' grows mainly in open forested areas. And if you think you may has seen it, or heard of it it could because it adorns New Zealands sporting teams uniforms.

In New Zealand the 'Silver Fern' is known as 'Ponga' (Maori tree ferns) it is also the floral emblem of New Zealand. Reaching around 7-8 m with a spreading crown Cyathea dealbata prefers some protection from the hot afternoon sun as do most tree ferns.

It is the silvery underside of the fern foliage that gives the fern its name, a desirable tree fern as it 'self cleans' it drops its old foliage so the trunk is clear.

Best protected from frosts and extreme cold, Cyathea dealbata is more common on the North Island than the South.

Cyathea dealbata Care

Filtered light or dappled shade, a humus rich moist but well drained soil and protection from frosts and freezing conditions.

In the UK, unless you have a protected position Cyathea dealbata is really a conservatory or indoor plant.

Remember that these are a slow growing fern so are fairly costly to buy as advanced specimens.

John Allman 

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