Matteuccia or Shuttlecock Ferns.

Matteuccia or Shuttlecock Ferns plants are a popular shade loving plant for the UK. Also known as the Ortrich Fern and Shuttlecock fern due to its upright habit, looking a little like an upturned shuttlecock.

Although they are regarded ar 'water loving' , what they really like is a wet spring and a drier time through summer to autumn.

In the UK thry are a deciduous fern, and it is in spring when the new growth emerges, all bright green and upright thatthe plant is at its best. They grow well in filtered shade, and a position beneath deciduous trees is suitable as long as the soil is not impoverished.

These are a stoloniferous fern, they spread by underground runners.Over time they form a good clump, however are not seen as invasive.

Matteuccia Varieties include :

Propagion is by division of larger clumps or from spores.

Species include: Matteuccia orientalis, Matteuccia struthiopteris.

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