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Blechnum or Ladder Fern plants are a popular shade loving plant for the UK. A number of species are popular with landscapers due to the hardy nature.

The genus are often called 'hard ferns' the frond are are fern like but tough, they all prefer a position in deep to part shade.

A fern that does cope with hash windy conditions, they are very useful for planting in those 'less than ideal' soils beneath large trees. However ideally they like a humus rich moist soil.

With over 200 species in the genus, some are more popular with gardeners and landscapers than others, and some species are very similar.

Best Blechnum Ferns for the UK

In the UK Blechnum spicant or 'Deer Fern' (and also Ladder Fern) is popular with its deep green feathery fronds is popular in shaded areas of the garden. Excellent for mass planting beneath trees.

Two other excellent ground cover varieties are Blechnum penna-marina and Blechnum novae-zelandiae, both from New Zealand.

On the other hand, Blechnum gibbum, known as the 'Silver Lady Fern' looks a little more warmth and is popular as an indoor fern.

Blechnum nudum, (pictured right) is the well known, fishbone water fern.

In warmer zones you could grow the trunk forming Blechnum brasiliense, it is fascinating for the brilliant new red foliage, as well as its small trunk which gives it the name of 'Dwarf Tree Fern'.

Other Blechnum Fern varieties include:

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