Ginkgo biloba tree

Ginkgo biloba (Maidenhair Tree)

One of the most attractive trees in terms of foliage and growth habit is the Ginkgo. Brilliant autumn tones and foliage that is unique. They grow well in full sun to part shade and with some dwarf varieties now available for sale you can also grow them in containers.

The Gingko tree (sometimes spelt ginkgo) is an ancient species, the ginkgo tree leaf looking very much like a fern. The foliage on all is of a similar shape, however variegated and yellow foliage forms are available.

Some Ginkgo species will grow to be large trees while other species and cultivars are smaller growing and even suitable for growing in containers. These are a long lived tree and when planted in the right position will provide a feature in the garden rivaled by by few ornamental trees.

Ginkgo varieties

Landscaping Uses

Ginkgo trees have a number of very desirable traits and you can commence by selecting a single or multi - trunked tree. We tend to go with single trunked specimens with a strong central leader. This leads to good upright growth and a nice layered structure in the branches,

They are a tough hardy tree, they grow well in urban environments and will cope with dry conditions once established. The buttery yellow autumn foliage is attractive from afar , and the wonderful green foliage is simply fascinating close up.

Ginkgo trees are long lived, suffer few diseases and do not sucker.

Ginkgo Biloba LeafUses


A humus rich, moist but well drained soil is requires. When planting a ginkgo tree look for an open position if you wish to make the most of the structure of a well formed tree.

Fertilizer is not generally required for Ginkgo trees, however a general purpose 'slow release' tree fertilizer may be used in the first years to improve what is a slow growth rate.

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