Acer griseum 'paperbark maple'

Grown in the UK as a feature tree Acer griseum or the 'Paperbark Maple' is renowned for the attractive peeling bark as well as the wonderful autumn leaves. Acer griseum is a relatively small growing maple reaching around 10 - 15 m depending on conditions.

A proven performer having been in cultivation since the early 1900s when it was first discovered in China. It does have a relatively slow growth rate, and the root system that seems to present few problems.

Care and growing conditions

Acer griseum is a deciduous tree with attractive foliage, this maple prefers a moist soil and does well in a position partly sheltered from strong winds and hot afternoon sun. Pruning is generally not required as these are slow growing and good trees for smaller gardens. Although not that fussy about soil conditions ideally a humus rich, well drained mildly acidic soil is ideal.

Landscaping uses

Paperbark Maples make a great ornamental tree for gardens and parks. Look for forms with single or multiple trunks to suit the landscaping need. The bark is a lovely cinnamon colour and the peeling effect makes a dramatic textural addition to the garden. Acer griseum also have attractive autumn foliage that turns from the green of summer to a orange red as the days begin to shorten.

Plant Acer griseum as a feature in a lawn, or close to a path where the bark can be shown off to best effect. Good specimens are available for sale online during winter or buy them as potted plants from growers all year round.

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