Woodwardia or Chain Ferns.

This group of ferns are from temperate climates and are found in the forests of Central to North America, and also Asia. Woodwardia fimbriata is the largest reaching nearly 3m (9ft) in ideal conditions.

It is the large species that gardeners look for and although W. fimbriata is a little problematical in the UK it does grow in southern areas where the chance of finding a position away from freezes and heavy frosts is possible.

They do make great container plants, and can be grown on a patio, in a conservatory or even indoors if you have the space.

Species include: Woodwardia fimbriata. Woodwardia or Chain Fern plants are a popular shade loving plant for the UK. Some are from Asia and others from North America with W. fimbriata being a large growing species with an upright habit.

Woodardia orientalis is from Taiwan and with its attractive arching habit makes an excellent specimen in a container or in a sheltered position in the garden, free from frosts.

The interesting W. unigemmata is a hardy species with lovely new red foliage that will turn to green as it ages. Also known as the 'Walking Fern' as it has bulbils on its frond tips, these will take root where the tips touch the ground and the fern 'Walks around'.

Woodwardia or Chain Ferns Care

The main issue is with cold winters in exposed conditions. With a little protection you will have a wonderful spreading fern.

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