Aster novi-belgii Aster Plants.

Often lumped together, Asters actually fall into 13 different groups. Many of them look similar to one another, however all varieties have their own appeal.

Asters flowers are a fantastic addition to any garden. With so many species and culivars these are a versatile plant for the garden, bright daisy like flowers in profusion throughout summer make asters a 'must get' for any garden.

Widely used in cottage style gardens and often referred to as 'Michaelmas Daisies' the best known is A. novi-belgii (picture right) one of the most common species with cultivars ranging from small to tall (1ft - 4ft or 300cm -1.2 m).

Asters prefer a well drained soil and can easily be divided once clumps become to large.

Aster Plant Care

Asters vary greatly in growing habit from plants that will reach over 6ft (2m) to low growing species and cultivars that will stay at around 1ft (.3m). In general they require little care after planting other than a tidy up after flowering and pruning to shape.

We suggest digging in some well rotted compost and aged manure before planting in a sunny well drained position. Water in well with your favorite seaweed fertilizer and remember to mulch in spring to help maintain a cool root run and conserve moisture. Larger clumps can be divided in early spring.

For a mass planting effect plant asters at around 70cm apart. However take note of potential heights of different varieties. Taller plants to back of the border please.

Care Summary

John Allman


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